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Global Reach
Working with multitudes of publishers and across verticals, we are able to provide access to a truly global and diverse community of users.
Brand loyalty
Placing the highest importance on regulating brand safety, while working to strengthen and broaden the exposure and power of your brand.
Innovative Technology
Building on our home-grown algorithms and BI technology, we are able to provide precise targeting, maximizing returns when connecting ads to audiences.
Meme Machine Solution
Meme Machine
With a clear vision of the future of online advertising, we’ve put years of work into building a complete and elegant campaign management solution. Working with multitudes of agencies and advertisers worldwide, we created the perfect environment to build, plan, and execute campaigns; all functions are contained within a single, intuitive system. Market-based insights are offered at every stage of the campaign setup, enabling even inexperienced professionals to launch a personalized expert campaign.
Memeventory Ad Units
We maintain a large inventory of ad-units, and only offer top-level units for premium brands. Our platform gives publishers the capability to add any ad format they desire to any site. Because our platform is self-serving, publishers can independently control and manage all the units and easily customize them to their personal needs and goals.
Along with our home-grown self-service solution, we provide customization and implementation services. Every brand and publisher has unique needs and goals, and we make it our mission to meet them. Our campaign managers work individually with users, providing personalized and complete services. We believe that efficiency and transparency are the cornerstones of a successful partnership.
meme machine
A full solution for creative and media
agencies that plan and execute
campaigns worldwide
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We love what we do

we are passionate about what we do, our media buying department is led by the team of online geniuses, the team leaders all owned successful sites and understand what branding and content is all about without forgetting that monetizing and money making is as important, they use Meme technology to match the right brands to the right content while maximizing revenue because of their perfect matching algorithm. We believe that Meme Global understands there publisher and that is why Meme Global is so successful



Meme tech enables publishers to increase CPMs and fill rates through our real time revenue optimization engine, with revenue shares or high floor CPMs for premium inventory, publishers have multiple options to moneytize inventory at competitive rates. We know that publishers want to keep there content clean and brand their site and we also know they want to make a lot of money.

Video worth more

Video is the fastest way to amplify publishers revenue potential. A true advertiser understand the value of video and are looking for quality publishers with premium channels\content. Meme global has a holistic solution on all platforms to deliver and monetize video content. Our complete solution allows publishers with or without video on their site, access to quality, relevant content and monetization through Meme Global.

We make you look good

We have been developing our fraud and brand safety technology for years, our filtering tools keep your brand safe and your audience loyal. We prevent channel conflict and cannibalization of your lucrative direct deals.

Keep it simple

Meme has built a innovative reporting system that gives publishers detailed, easy to use reporting that gives publishers peace of mind and 100% transparency


A full solution for publishers to
monetize traffic with innovative

Meme Global provides publishers, developers, and regular individuals with a complete self-service campaign management solution. Anyone can now run video ads and maximize their revenue - running TV creatives as interactive ad units across all connected screens without the assistance or expense of any kind of media agency. With Meme Global, running online video campaigns is no longer a premium service, but can now be done by anyone, anywhere, as they like.

Imagine reaching millions
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for your brand

imagine pinpointing the
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time in the exact place

imagine hitting all your
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