29Apr 2015

The Numbers You Really Need To Know In Video Advertising

Online drives video and ad views higher

Video advertising is proving to be a valuable channel to advertisers. An analysis by FreeWheel of Q1 2015 data, shows completion rates are high across the board.


Traditional TV is lagging behind digital video

While the traditional TV market remains critically important to advertisers, it isn’t performing nearly as well as its digital cousin. Overall spending on traditional television softened by 2 percent in the fourth quarter, according to Standard Media Index, which claims to measure 80 percent of total U.S. agency spend. The scope of the TV market remains substantially larger: Research firm eMarketer pegged the total 2014 TV ad spend at $68.5 billion, compared to just $6 billion for digital video last year. But traditional TV networks are finding a lot more room to grow in the digital space. and grew their digital bookings by 104 percent and 70 percent respectively in the fourth quarter, driven largely by their online video offerings, according to SMI.

Advertisers know and expect online video to yield better ROI

Unlike traditional TV, Online allows better targeting, more detailed statistics such as view completion and even the option to click and connect to the advertiser directly. In a recent study published by BrightRoll, 31% stated that online video is better than TV advertising. That number is surely set to grow even higher in the years to come.

Video advertising online

When these advertising executives were asked to describe what exactly was the metric they are looking for the most in their video ads, we see that some answers can be given only through an online video campaign and are not obtained through a TV campaign with the same kind of accuracy while the campaign is measured.

what marketing executives are looking for


The impact that video has on sales

In a recent study performed by MEME Video ad network through a video campaign we created for one of our advertisers, We found that for every consumer who clicked and spent, there were more than 200 consumers who viewed and spent. That goes to show that marketers are looking at clicks more than they should when it comes to video, because a good video has an impression that goes far beyond the click.



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