29Mar 2015

True View: 4 Ways to Prevent Skip Ad

Online video is the fastest growing segment in the advertisement business.
Unlike traditional TV ads, this type of advertisement is more accurately targeted, measured and with far better ROI value for advertisers.
According to a report by eMarketer, YouTube accounts for nearly 20% of the total video ad spend in this fast growing advertising chanel:

But as online video advertising is more rewarding, it is also more challenging.
Perhaps the biggest challenge creative agencies and online marketers are facing as far as YouTube goes, is the dreaded “Skip Ad” button.
Viewers click the skip ad button without giving it a 2nd thought, and while YouTube offers advertisers to pay only for video ads that were actually viewed (True View), It’s a well known fact that ads which by some form of miracle are not skipped as much as others, have the strongest impact and better chances to go somewhat viral.
And so, the question is how to overcome the Skip Ad button?
According to a recent study conducted by MEME video ad network across ad agencies and video producers, there are many creative ways to keep your viewers, here are 4 of the most common answers MEME received in their survey:

1. Contextual reference

Actually referring to the skip ad button in your ad is a clever way to create sympathy that may very well reciprocate by the viewers sticking around a little more. There are plenty of ways to do it, for example:


You can do it by having a visual context that relates to the skip ad situation as in the example shown above, but you can also have the 1st 5 seconds be a part of the video narrative. In both cases, it proves you are aware and usually it helps in prolonging the views.

2. Use the right audio

Leverage the power of music. sometimes using the right music will actually make people want to view something they haven’t intended on viewing. There are so many examples of catchy tunes and jingles that have gone to be associated with a curtain brand.

3. Contextual targeting

By targeting your ad to the relevant audience, you will have much higher completed views percentages than by placing it to a general audience. But there’s a catch here. Relevant audience in this regard is not necessarily the audience that you are targeting, but the ones that are most likely to complete the viewing of the ad. The good news? The types of audiences that are usually more likely to complete viewing the ad, are usually the same group you are targeting, because as you know, or at least hope, the ad is relevant for them. The main thing you should take from this, is to target people not necessarily by your necessities, but by their necessities and preferences. disregarding this may cause an undesired backlash. as viewers will start to dislike your brand. Online video marketing allows you to harness data to your benefit, such as browsing history and viewer profiles. This makes for targeted marketing. Just remember that targeted marketing is a 2 way street. You target the viewers you want, but also those that may very well like you.

4. Annotations

Annotations is a tool supplied by YouTube which allows you to deliver a written clickable message to your viewers such as “Click here for a free sample” and others like it. The good thing about YouTube’s 1st 5 seconds, is that it at least gives you 5 seconds, which is a guarantee you can’t get anywhere else without paying a substantial amount. with YouTube, you don’t pay when people skip your ad after 5 seconds, but you can still get them to click on it if you have good enough messaging, either through the ad itself, or through the annotations which YouTube allows you to use.

To sum up, overcoming the dreaded “Skip ad” after 5 seconds requires most of all for you to put yourself in the shoes of your potential viewers. What would make you want to keep watching the ad?
The above mentioned tips are a good start in that direction, But you must always perform some A/B testing to see what works best, until you do, try using these tips to help you in your quest for a good video marketing campaign.

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